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Denpasar City Tour

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Denpasar is the largest city in Bali, and is the capital of Bali. It is pleasantly small-town city and dominated by family compound with a few major shopping streets in the centre. Denpasar City Tour is a Bali island tour where you will visit some interesting places in Denpasar within about 5 hours.

First visit in Denpasar City Tour is Bali's largest monument, Bajra Sandi Monument in Renon Square. Fifteen years in the making, the monument - or rather a temple - depicts aspects of Balinese history since the island was first inhabited by early man, the upright-walking pithecanthropus erectus.

Next to Denpasar city centre, with its attractive main square in the middle. Nearby the square is the Jagatnatha Temple, a popular site for praying especially on fullmoon/darkmoon. Next to the Temple is the Bali Museum, with its art collection that ranges from prehistoric finds to early 20th century art. On display are also scale models depicting the ritualistic Balinese ceremonies.

This Denpasar City Tour also experience a walk in the area, or take dokar, a pony-drawn carriage to the central market of Pasar Badung. It is the biggest traditional market in Badung Regency (Denpasar) where people mostly woman trade everything. Trading takes place 24 hours a day and it is likely to be more of a cultural than a shopping experiences for tourist. Adjacent to it is the Kumbasari market where arts and crafts as well as cloths are displayed.


denpasar city tour
denpasar city tour
denpasar city tour


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