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Balinese Ceremony

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  • USD /pax, min 2pax
Balinese ceremonies tour

The regular ceremonies in Bali take place every 6-month Balinese calendar. Family Temple's birthday, or Village Temple's birthday, come regularly every 6 months, falling on the same days. This regular schedule is well remembered by family members or village members, so no wonder they could arrange their time well to attend these ceremonies. 

Certain ceremonies like weddings, ceremonies for new-born baby, new-built temples or renovation, are additional to those regular schedules. With these all, life of the Balinese are really colourful. 

Depending on the ceremonies schedule - or if there's a special ceremony like cremation, you could visit and get to be shared of the experience. In general, Balinese welcome well visitors to their ceremonies and keen to give explanation on the specific event taking place. 

Note: This tour to visit a ceremony can go to any village or family. Check with us for schedule. 


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