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Bali Village Life Tour

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  • USD /pax, min 2pax
a Bali day tour visiting and experience Balinese village life

The majority of people in Bali earns their living from agriculture and lives in villages. Each original Balinese household consists of several structures with all built within a confining wall, with variations depending on the caste and wealth of the family. When a son of the family marries, his wife usually move into his compound, so there are frequently several generations living within the same area, each with their own sleeping quarters, but otherwise sharing the household facilities.

Upon arrival, visit to Balinese compound of Tunjuk Village characters, where kitchens row in the same line as well as “lumbung” rice barns, “bale” family hall and main house.
Then proceed visiting an elementary school (on school schedule only), located in a short distance. Afterwards experience farming activities in nearby village farming-field, followed by ricefields short trekking tot eh area where coconuts are served for a drink.
There will be a coconut climbing attraction by a local farmer.
At the end of the tour, return to the home base for traditional lunch. 


Creation of sate, a Balinese food
Bali traditional kitchen
Visiting school
Visitng school in a Bali village
Learning how to create tipat
Guests and local villager
Learn how to create a traditional balinese cake
Learn to create canang
Fighting cocks attraction
Fighting cocks attraction
Balinese traditional farming
Riding the bull for traditional farming in Bali village life tour
Bali village life tour
Bali village life tour


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